Fostering Hope and Supporting Post Traumatic Growth for Veterans

We believe there is no better medicine than being in community with other veterans and their families, rediscovering purpose, and serving a cause which is greater than ourselves.

What We Do

Every Third Saturday exists to assist veterans in finding new purpose after military service. We are all about pursuing growth and post-traumatic success. Find out more about our story, the programs we offer, and the ways we’re helping Veterans every day.

The WHY Behind What We Do


How It Began

Every Third Saturday began in 2009 after a single comment as we were finishing up a pick-up of quilts from a small church in Wisconsin. As we were preparing to head back to the Twin Cities, the subject of homeless veterans came up, seemingly in passing conversation.

Never be afraid to Pop Smoke!

One of the toughest issues we face at ETS is awareness of what we do and how we support vets. Check out this new video produced by our friends at Millenia X, it will get you pumped!

If you know anyone who may be struggling and needs support please forward it on to them and let them know ETS is here whenever needed.