Our New Building

Watch Progress Of Our New Building

About ETS’ New Headquarters

In 2021, ETS is extremely excited to begin construction on a new facility that will serve as our permanent home and become a community hub for veterans and their families.

Once constructed is completed the facility will house:

  • ETS offices
  • A fitness center for veterans and their families
  • The DAV Chapter 1 conference room
  • A flex room for our Art group, peer to peer meetings, and use by partner vet organizations
  • A brand-new free store for veterans in need that will feel like a true retail shopping experience
  • A patio and gardens reserved for veterans and their families
  • The reincarnation of our coffee shop, Rick’s Coffee Bar, which will provide opportunities to employ veterans and engage our local community
  • The Veterans Resource and Empowerment Center (VREC), designed to serve as a community meeting place for veterans and their families. The VREC will host events such as benefits seminars, watch parties for sporting events, gaming tournaments,
  • And much more