About Pop Smoke

In the military, when things have gone wrong, and support and evacuation are necessary, we pop smoke. It is not only an opportunity, but a responsibility to put our hand up and seek support.

Veterans in MN are fortunate to have an extensive network of resources and services to tap in to when they are needed. Unfortunately, the sheer number of possibilities can be intimidating and confusing. The Pop Smoke network of partners was created to provide a simple and digital pathway for veterans and their families to access the support they are seeking. By completing a simple profile and letting the network know what services you are interested in, referrals will be generated and you will be contacted within 72 hours by the appropriate partner(s).

Pop Smoke also serves as the title for ETS outreach efforts. Look for our Pop Smoke outreach vehicle at events around the Twin Cities such as the State Fair, sporting events, job fairs, the 2021 Stand Down and wherever else we think we can run in to veterans!